About KCS

Why does KCS exist?

KCS exists to give children and young people the skills and knowledge needed to make healthy food choices for themselves; KCS empowers children and young people so that they can look forward to a healthier future.

Practical cookery has health, social and educational benefits:

  • Health: students learn about basic nutrition, how to prepare healthy and tasty dishes from fresh ingredients and to cook in safe and hygienic way.
  • Social: students become more independent, work together and learn about other cultures though food. Students can share skills with family and friends.
  • Educational: students learn a practical life skill. Some students can achieve an accredited qualification in cookery.

What does KCS offer?

KCS is a unique cookery school: we teach around 2,500 students each year how to cook and eat healthy food.

We have purpose-built teaching kitchens in Acton, West London, where the majority of our practical cookery projects take place. At KCS we believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn cookery and we welcome students with special needs (physical, learning or behavioural). Our premises are fully wheelchair accessible.

Meet the Team

KCS employs three full-time members of staff, who all work at KCS, Acton.
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Students are encouraged to try new foods by smelling, touching or tasting.

Trying something new

"I know what the appliances are around the kitchen, and how to use them."